sodium metabisulfite

sodium metabisulfite


Trade names: sodium metabisulfite
Product Intrduction:
The industrial grade sodium metabisulfite Molecular formula:Na2S2O5
Appearance: white or yellowish crystal powder
Item                                             Superior grade                  First grade
Content(Na2S2O5)    ≥                        96.0                                94.0
Fe%                                                0.005                               0.010
Insoluble substance in water               0.05                                0.05
As%                                                 0.0001

Main purpose:
Dyeing mordant, dechlorinating agent for washed fabric, medical deoxidizer and sulfonating agent, bone black for bamboo, wood and paper fiber, non-ferrous mineral separation agent, waste water disposing agent, rubber coagulator.
Packing: external polypropylene woven bag, polyethylene plastic bag lining.
Net weight: 25kg /bag 50kg /bag 1000kg /bag Food-grade sodium metabisulfite

Product Origin:  china
Model Number:  ysd016
Brand Name:  ysd

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